Founded in 1987, TECO has consolidated a precise positioning on the market in the ball valves sector and in that of safety devices intended for the control and management of air, gas and fluids. The production is carried out in three industrial plants using cutting edge processes. Constant investments in R&D have led to technological solutions viewed as international references for innovation, efficiency and relia- bility, covered by international licenses and based on reliability user-friendly design concepts. “Innovating safety” is the principle behind the company, actualised with a synergy between pro t, work ethics and sustainable quality applied by an effective and agile organisation consistent with the clients’ expectations.


TECO produces ball valves for gas and fluids, safety devices for gas and, in particular, the thermo device TAS/ Firebag, GST the device for ow excess and PUNTO ARANCIO, the original pressure plug. Over the years, it has developed technical solutions, like Fastec, the quick connecting system, adopted by leading companies of the sector. TECO is a partner for the distribution and a trusted reference for the industry, great-sized enterprises but also PMI operating in the system production, boilers and pumps field. All products are listed in a catalogue or tailor made.