Since 1958, BUFFOLI has been a European leader in the development of turnkey solutions for the machining of parts requiring multi-sided machining processes and precision turning operations. From blanks or bar stock, for your medium or high volumebatch sizes, always with quick and reliable loading automation; Buffoli “ball screw CNC technology for flexibility” is the solution for your manufacturing challenges.

Our production program includes:

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BUFFOLI machines are designed for a wide range of APPLICATIONS
• parts typically machined on opposing spindle lathes or multi-spindles or vertical lathes,
• parts typically machined on indexing turret transfer machines, line of transfer machines or machining centers,
• complex parts usually machined on 5-axis centers or lines made of more machines.
As a result of the EXPERIENCE acquired in over 50 years of manufacturing activities all over the world; our processing technology spans a broad range of applications including a variety of steel, stainless steel, monel, brass, bronze, cast iron, and aluminum parts requiring precision turning and/or multi-sided machining.

• automotive, construction, defense, aerospace, compressors;
• bar turned parts for oil, water, gas, electronics: fittings, plumbing valves, connectors, nipples, unions, barbs, covers, rings, screws, caps, inserts, couplings, cartridges, etc.;
• precision bar turned parts (medical, automotive, air conditioning, etc.);
• hydraulic and lubrication components (high, middle and low pressure, in carbon steel or stainless steel);
• hydraulic and pneumatic components (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire prevention/fighting, anti-pollution, etc.);
• components for gas, appliances, compressors, pumps;
• locks, padlocks and handles;
• machined nuts (forged or bar stock).

Continuous innovation and research, combined with close customer co-operation, allow us to constantly develop and improve our machines (click on SPECIALITIES to learn more).
Most of our machines are equipped with the BUFFOLI MULTIPROCESSING CNC, specifically designed for the control of parallel processes and the unique demands of a high performance transfer machine (up to 128 axes controlled).

Thanks to parallel processing, the BUFFOLI CNC has extraordinary calculation capabilities and superior response times (single-point threading can be performed as quickly as chaser threading).

BUFFOLI WINFLEX software features particular ease of use, shop language programming, advanced Tool Monitoring (Tool Power Monitor), and digital maintenance diagnostics.

BUFFOLI machines can be equipped with several OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES for maximum versatility and implementation in particularly complex applications. Moreover, they facilitate the adaptation of the machine to future production needs.