ECS’s headquarters are located in Carmagnola, close to Turin which became the first Italian capital.

ECS was established in 1988 thanks to  the initiative and experience of a young group of qualified engineers.

The first monorail solution by ECS was patented in 1990 and then completed with customized storage systems and special machinery application. The first engineering activities have been gradually completed with the implementation of whole plants and systems: mechanical, electrical and software.

Extremely reliable solutions are guaranteed by the company’s philosophy which has always been focused to innovation and quality so as for our know how to be taken worldwide.

ECS is present in the International Markets with a highly appreciated know-how for innovative and reliable installations for a wide range of fields such as:

  • Automotive;
  • Logistic;
  • Food Mass Retail Channel;
  • Frozen Foods and Beverages;
  • Tobacco;
  • Bolts and Nuts;
  • Foundry;
  • Metals and Aluminium;
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical;
  • Furniture;
  • White Goods;
  • Fashion;
  • Archives;
  • Hospitals and Banks;
  • Textile;
  • Aviation;
  • Plastic and Tyres.


  • HP double pallet/light duty;
  • HP standard;
  • HP inverted;
  • special machinery;
  •  conveyors;
  • warehouse.


  • automotive;
  • distribution center;
  • food and beverage;
  • metals;
  • chemical and pharma;
  • upcoming (bank and light duty EMS, special machinery for post office, special warehouse, white goods, tobacco – stacker crane, thermal insulation – pallet storage, textile industries, die – automated warehouse, forniture industries – inverted EMS and switches).









  • ECS Case History – Brazil Distribution plant (download)
    (~1,9 мб)